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PEBBLE ‒ a new arrival among our sound absorbers Johan Lindstén has previously designed five ranges of sound absorbers for Johanson’s collection. These have not only contributed to improving acoustic environments but have also created more aesthetically attractive working environments in offices and commercial buildings. PEBBLE signals the arrival of the sixth range.  “Both the…

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omocha The clock is the result of all these stuffed animals that I encountered everywhere, in the claw machines, on bags, jackets and cell phones. How many animals can collect over a lifetime?


Comeback is a modern coat hanger in black, white, or chrome with details in black pur. My idea was to play with irregularity through all details and obtain the expression of an invisible construction. Comeback, är en modern kontrast till den klassiska formen på tamburmajorer med pelare i mitten där istället dynamiska linjer, oregelbundhet och…

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