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PEBBLE ‒ a new arrival among our sound absorbers Johan Lindstén has previously designed five ranges of sound absorbers for Johanson’s collection. These have not only contributed to improving acoustic environments but have also created more aesthetically attractive working environments in offices and commercial buildings. PEBBLE signals the arrival of the sixth range.  “Both the…

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beehive square



Moon: The Ocean of Storms is an enormous and irregular lava field on the front side of the Moon. During millions of years different celestial bodies has collided here. Meteoroids, asteroids and comets have created this marvellous, beautiful, barren geological deformation. This landscape has inspired me when creating the new sound absorbent for Johanson Design.…

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Beehive One of nature’s most ingenious and strong shapes the hexagon has been my inspiration. Bee uses this pattern throughout their hives because of its strong design that requires minimal use of material. Now their honeycomb come as a sound absorbent and wall decoration. En av naturens mest snillrika och starka former, hexagonen har fått…

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Leaf Leaf, designed and inspired by the beauty of nature and structure. When autumn connects its grip on the nature and the tree crown lose their abundant glory, Leaf let the nature move into the office and home. The idea was to recreate the feeling I experience when spring and summer are in is full…

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