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cappellini embroidery chair

Embroidery has been a mark of wealth and status in many cultures. From ancient China, the medieval Islamic world to a baroque Europe the 8000-year-old technique was passed from generation to generation. The lounge chair ‚Embroidery’ is an interpretation and statement in the year 2015. Due to modern technology it was possible to carry this…

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Forceful and detailed, Johan Lindsten’s decor reveals at a glance the artist’s respect for and extensive knowledge of materials, as is typical of northern European designers. Johan Lindsten proposes “Ferro” (Iron), an interpretation featuring unexpected eye-catching details. The combination of simplicity and emotional content generates beautiful forms and expressions. “Ferro” gets across an impression of cleanliness and makes the environment better looking…

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embroidery chair

”Dream about an idyllic place…” Many hours, many days, many weeks and years have women in older generations spent on embroidery to catch an idyll view. Many with dreams to be a part of that life with a nice little red cottage close to the water and Bambi watching over us. These stitches and dreams…

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omocha The clock is the result of all these stuffed animals that I encountered everywhere, in the claw machines, on bags, jackets and cell phones. How many animals can collect over a lifetime?