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Project Description


As a mixture of French sophistication and Swedish grace, Trace is the result from a successful collaboration between RocheBobois and Johan Lindstén.

The archetype of a lamp threads its way through history up to our modern society of the 21. century.  Even though in the last few years the lighting industry achieved great breakthroughs and was undergoing a lot of changes the illuminants were often just exchanged without using the radical possibilities now offered to the designer.

In the beginning of my design process there was the question of how much of the archetype that surrounds us every day is left when it is kept to its absolute minimum. The result is ‚TRACE’, an adjustable LED lamp radically ripped to its bare bones by optimally using the potential of its modern illuminant. What is left is just the trace of a lamp, which, due to minimalism, is adapting to every possible environment. Due to its clever construction and material it gains enough stability while at the same time evoking a feeling of a light sculpture, letting the looks pass through it. Being reduced to its pure functionality ‚TRACE‘ emits a certain pride without drawing too much of the users attention to it while as a contradiction striking to the eye with its esthetics.

To even make Trace possible in its shape, depths and heights the lamp is carefully engineered and designed with a mixture of light and heavy material choices. The result is a perfectly balanced lamp with a counterweight and an expression not been seen before.

First picture:
copyright Thomas Dhellemmes.
Second picture:
Track dining table and sideboard, designed by Luigi Gorgoni.
Kasuka chairs, designed by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni.
Trace floor and desk lamps, designed by Johan Lindstén.
Legal Mentions Photo Michel Gibert. Photograph used for reference only. Special thanks : TASCHEN / Wall sculpture : Alban Lanore / Wallpaper: www.arte-international.com


Project Details

  • Client Roche Bobois
  • Tags lamps
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