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Project Description

I have been inspired by old movie recording lamps and its heavy industrialized appearance. They were created first for functionality and secondary from an aesthetic point of view. I wanted to maintain good functionality for a domestic use and make the aesthetic as an equally important element in the equation.

The lamp was from the beginning designed with Gärsnäs in mind and their philosophy about furniture that they should be durable, beautiful and make people feel good.

The name of the lamp comes from the movement pattern of the lamp head which is similar to the eye movements. The four muscles that control up, down, left and right in the eye is together called Orbit. As the lamp now are called.

The lamp was first time exhibited in Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011. There the lamp won a prize for one of the best products in Salone Satellit from a jury consisting of: Paola Antonelli, Senior Design Curator MoMA – Mario Bellini, Architect – Alberto De Zan, President Assoufficio – Michele Gismondi, Managing Director Nord Light – Franziska Kessler, Designer/ Gallerist – Aurelio Magistà, La Repubblica – Franco Raggi, Architect – Marco Sabetta, Director General Cosmit s.p.a – Nick Vinson, Wallpaper

Produced by GÄRSNÄS