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Project Description

This graceful and practical cast iron lamp is a modern take and interpretation of the classic ”desk lamp”. The mix between functionalism and industrialism are mixed with Scandinavian minimalism to be combined with Northern Lighting’s vision for the future table lamp.


The versatile lamp can be used both as a table lamp and a wall lamp. It has a wide range of movement thanks to the gear attached to the end of the mobile arm.


The lamps design is a prerequisite for its functionality, where the lamp does not take extra demands from the desktop surface, but can be placed a bit away while the lamp from a precise vertical position merge in space above. Adjusting the angle of the arm gives you a more direct light spread keeping the screen parallel to the horizon. The lamp arm’s strategic angle is directly related to the angles of the screen that work in symbiosis for a practical light experience

Project Details

  • Client Northern
  • Tags lamps
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